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EU as active part of the Bolgna Process

February 15, 2008

At the London Bologna Process Summit in May 2007, EU Commissioner Jan Figel positioned the European Higher Education in a global context with focus on international dialogue, comparability, competition and quality – and thereby also directly engaging the EU in the Bologna Process. 

This engagement is now further underlined by the issue of call for proposal for the Tempus IV programme by the European Commission’s Director General for Education and Culture.  

The Tempus programme aims at the reform of Higher Education through international university cooperation, and it promotes the voluntary convergence with EU developments in Higher Education, deriving from the Bologna Process, to establish a European Area of Higher Education. 

Tempus promotes multilateral cooperation among Higher Education institutions, authorities and organisations from EU member states and partner countries. It focuses on the reform and modernisation of Higher Education. 

Two types of action are financed: 


Joint Projects based on multilateral parnerships between institutions.


Structural Measures for reforming institutions and systems. 

The EU Commission’s engagement in the Bologna Process is further underlined by launching the complementary Higher Education cooperation progamme “Erasmus Mundus”.  

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Povl Tiedemann

February 2008