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Cross-Border Education and Capacity Development

July 19, 2008

The OECD/World Bank has recently published the report “Cross-Border Tertiary Education: A way towards Capacity Development – from which should be noted:


The idea of education for development tends to focus on the fundamental importance of basic education. But the capacity to succeed in today’s global knowledge economy depends at least on being able to make a high level of skills available to a large number of citizens.


Higher Education plays a crucial role by training a country’s workforce in all fields. Many developing countries do not have enough tertiary education places or staff to meet domestic demand.


Cross-Border tertiary education can help a country expand its system more rapidly than if it had to rely on domestic resources alone.


It can laso help improve the the quality, variety and relevance of domestic Higher Education systems – three key elements of effective Higher Education systems that require a critical mass of high-quality academics.


Faculty and post-graduate students can optain a high-quality education or develop their competences overseas before returning to the university sector in their home country.


And it is not always necessary for the students to travel. Foreign universities can provide access to their programmes in the student’s home country. This links developing countries with cutting-edge knowledge end helps train an effective work force, while at the same time adding a high–quality faculty to the domestic system.


Povl Tiedemann

June 2008