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I M D – World Competitiveness Yearbook – in extendo…

November 2, 2008

Is the Competitiveness Roadmap 2008 – 2050 giving us the real picture of the future to come, and is the survey model able to pick up the fast moving developments of the real world?


The 3 primary observations from 2007 are still in long term focus with:


  • Emergence of a new Middle Class.
  • From cheap Manpower to cheap Brainpower.
  • Low demography in Europe, Japan and Russia.


HOWEVER, by 2030 the scenario could have developed into an even more complicated and sinister picture, according to a NATO-analysis, including following elements:


  • Climatic changes and scarcity of ressources in general have created an increasing distance between the developed and market economy driven countries versus the contries excluded from the wealth of globalisation and innovation. Friction between contries may be nourished by nationalism and fast growing populations living in poverty.
  • The developed countries are increasingly no longer depending on oil supplies – and countries previously depending on their oil ressources without investing in education, technological infrastructure and innovative cultures are facing a continued erosion of their economies.
  • Highly efficient rural districts with very high living standards have emerged in the developed parts of the world. The middle and upper classes are working and exchanging information without limitations.
  • Vast population migrations are moving towards the developed countries, already fighting increasing internal divison of society. Tensions develop between the rich urban districts and the poor rural areas where autoritarian regimes reject the urban society’s culture and values.
  • Destabilisation develops when the regimes gain power through disturbance of ressource supplies to the rural societies.


EDUCATION, trans disciplinarity and communication skills will be key elements in fighting these scenarios. 


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