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Lifelong Learning Certification – EQUAL Guidelines project initiated

April 1, 2009

Continued executive education has gained momentum – from short courses offered by various local consultancy agencies – to certificate, diploma and masters degrees launched by high end internationally oriented institutions, business schools and universities – developed, offered and maintained on research basis.

However, compared with the established degree systems, these initiatives are not fully included in the credit and certification system as stipulated in the Bologna initiative.

EFMD and EQUAL has initiated a project to establish a set of Guidelines for these measures as per Extracts from the project process document formulated by the EQUAL Board working group Povl Tiedemann, Danish Business Economists and Stephen Watson, AACSB:

Background to the project
There is now a concern that EQUAL (European Quality Link – under the Auspices of EFMD, Brussels) should take a position on the emerging movement for the establishment of qualifications for lifelong learning for management, where the education is achieved through numerous learning experiences of different duration and academic levels.

Main aim of the project
The purpose of this project is to construct a draft of guidelines for EQUAL in this area, which is informed by the many national and international initiatives for the certification of lifelong learning, and also by an understanding of the form of certification that is likely to be acceptable in the marketplace. The EQUAL Board needs a set of guidelines on this topic that is influential because it meets needs and is consistent with the thinking of policy makers.

Project outputs
The outputs of the project will be (A) a draft EQUAL set of guidelines together with (B) a report justifying those guidelines, and describing the research undertaken to reach them. We hope that the practical production of the reports etc., where necessary, may be carried out by EFMD, Brussels.

Benefits of the project
If EQUAL is to be an influential body, it needs to produce guidelines which will be seen to be appropriate and endorsed by the majority of actors in the management education business. Moreover the certification of lifelong learning in management has not yet been achieved anywhere. EQUAL has the opportunity to establish and support good practice in this new area, thus fulfilling its mission to support the continuing improvement of quality in business and management education, from legislative to operational levels.

The project is on stream and in the hands of Professor Andrew Lock, former Dean at Leeds University with expected completion in October 2009.

Check: for further EQUAL guidelines and position documents serving as basis for the EQUIS accreditation and quality development system.

Povl Tiedemann
March 2009