Employability Initiatives for Students

Universities and employability – Preparing for work
By Yojana Sharma – in University World News.

Around the world the number of graduates is growing, yet the ‘skills mismatch’ is also rising. A degree is no longer a guarantee of a good job, and fingers are being pointed at universities for failing to better prepare students for the real world and the expectations of employers.


Initiative to help graduates’ transition to workforce
By Yojana Sharma – in University World News.

Reeta Roy is president of the Toronto-based MasterCard Foundation, which has assets of over US$9 billion and more than 35 partnerships with universities and other organisations, funding programmes in areas such as microfinance and youth learning. One is the Youth Economic Participation Initiative with the global Talloires Network of engaged universities, which supports initiatives that help graduates’ transition to the workforce.


Education for youth employment through YEPI
By Munyaradzi Makoni – in University World News.

Since traditional teaching methods are no longer sufficient to educate students to meet the expectations of employers or the rigorous demands of an entrepreneurial career, preparing students for full participation in the economy is a daunting task across the world.


Povl Tiedemann
December 2014


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