Diploma Mills Exposed – China

From Xinhua – in WES-WENR news.

Bearing names similar to top universities, China’s fake colleges woo and swindle high school graduates through slick recruitment websites. A list released recently by sdaxue.com, a site that helps students choose higher education institutions, has exposed 60 Chinese “universities” or “colleges” as unaccredited diploma mills, according to a report from Xinhua.

The institutions’ names, though slightly altered, are extremely similar to key Chinese universities and colleges, leading to confusion among students and their parents. Though their accreditation is usually fabricated or out of date, the institutions are still recruiting students, according to sdaxue.com. The case has led to accusations of lax supervision, which has been blamed for other high-profile scandals including food safety and environmental violations, and eroding public trust.



Povl Tiedemann
August 2015


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