Back to the Future

IMD Professor Arturo Bris wraps up OWP with creative schemes

Jobs are disappearing, public finances can’t cope, retirement plans are imploding and yet Professor Arturo Bris, head of the IMD World Competitiveness Center (WCC) doesn’t lose hope. To close the 2016 Orchestrating Winning Performance (OWP) program, he explained how the redistribution of capital generated by innovation is part of the solution.

… We are heading into a period of ‘fault lines’, ‘seismic shifts’ and ‘impending earthquakes’, Bris used apocalyptic terms to describe the modification of the social and financial landscape. Changes are so great that extrapolation is no longer possible …

… Because 60% of the jobs of the next generation do not yet exist, according to Bris, “The education we give our kids is completely the wrong one”. Furthermore, many of the jobs for which they are still being prepared will disappear before long …

… Now, Google hires more artists than engineers …

… The next generation will create as much innovation as mankind in the last 2000 years …


Povl Tiedemann
July 2016


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