IMD World Talent Report 2016

By IMD World Competitiveness Center

A major global study has identified crisis-riddled Europe as home to nine of the 10 economies best equipped to develop, attract and retain business talent.

The continent as a whole may well be struggling to deal with issues such as sovereign debt, migration, terrorism and the rise of populism and Euro-skepticism.

Yet only Hong Kong challenges its hold on the first 10 places in the latest World Talent Ranking, a prestigious annual report by leading global business school IMD.

Switzerland and Denmark still comfortably hold first and second spots, as they did last year, with Belgium rated third, Sweden fourth and the Netherlands fifth.

Finland, Norway, Austria, Luxembourg and Hong Kong complete the top 10, with Germany (11), Iceland (16), Ireland (18) and the UK (20) also featuring in the first 20.

Many prominent economies fare disappointingly, with the US 14th – as it was in 2015 – Japan 30th and mainland China slipping further down the rankings to 43rd.


Povl Tiedemann
November 2016


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