Future Perspectives

The rising spectre of protectionism: Trump and the global trade agenda

By Jean-Pierre Lehmann – in REAL LEARNING @ IMD

We are all in a state of shock. There was no prediction, or warning, that Donald Trump would be the 45th President of the United States, let alone that his victory would be crushingly decisive. Wow! Even the shock of Brexit pales into comparison. As a middle-ranking power, Britain is a minor actor on the global geopolitical stage. We are talking here about the United States of America, the world’s major power by far, dominant on the global stage, albeit facing a rising Chinese power. This victory will clearly have myriad consequences, both intended and unintended! We should have been more attuned as my friend Nik Gowing urged in his landmark report to Thinking the Unthinkable.



Are we on the brink of war?
Many factors in the global climate look eerily like pre-war eras from the last century.

By Jean-Pierre Lehmann – in REAL LEARNING @ IMD

There are many signs that the “post-war” period after World War II has finally come to an end and that we are now in a pre-war era. Many of the factors that define the times were present before many of the large-scale wars of the previous century: populism, nationalism, territorial disputes, ethnic and religious conflicts, terrorism, economic depression, high youth unemployment, corruption, pretty lamentable political leadership everywhere… Need one go on?


Povl Tiedemann
December 2016


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