Academia and Autocracy

Rise of autocratic leaders poses threat to academia

By Michael Gardner – in University World News.

Concern over the widening persecution of researchers and journalists under autocratic governments was raised by a panel of higher education and NGO representatives at a meeting in Bonn, Germany on 25 January, who called on Germany to apply more leverage to promote academic freedom abroad.


The imperative of increasing access to university

By Graeme Atherton – in University World News.

In an age of populism it is crucial for universities to widen access or be seen as a cause of growing inequality. Analysis suggests that policy-makers’ role in improving access is unreliable. Is it not time higher education took responsibility for its own situation?


Trump to tighten control of research and dissemination

By Mary Beth Marklein – in University World News.

United States President Donald Trump has signalled his intent to tighten control on federal funding for and public dissemination of scientific research, a move that appears to be aimed primarily at climate change and energy policy and threatens to “disrupt core operations” of the US Environmental Protection Agency, according to ProPublica, a non-profit news organisation.


Povl Tiedemann
January 2017

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